The Hon Peter Young AO QC

Movers Scandrett, L

This Synod notes that at GS17 in 2017 the Synod resolved:
“That this Synod notes that this will most likely be the last General Synod that The Hon. Peter Young AO QC will be a representative for the Diocese of Sydney.
This Synod gives great thanks for Peter’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the law and a deep commitment to Christ and his Church, the Anglican Church of Australia. This has been exemplified by his continuous membership of this Synod from the Sixth General Synod in 1985 to the Seventeenth General Synod in 2017, and his other national Church involvements.
This Synod particularly notes his insightful time on the General Synod Standing Committee, his detailed work as the Chairman of Committees of General Synod, his perceptive work on the Church Law Commission, his Chairmanship of the National Church Constitution Commission, and of course his sacrificial service firstly as a member and then as the President of the Appellate Tribunal.”

This Synod:
now notes that GS18 will be the last General Synod that The Hon. Peter Young AO QC will attend as a representative for the Diocese of Sydney;
definitively reiterates the contents of the motion it passed in 2017 about Peter;
notes with sadness the recent passing of Peter’s wife Pam and extends its condolences to him; and
wishes God’s every blessing on Peter for the future.

Dr Laurie Scandrett moving, Dr Robert Tong AM seconding

Resolution year: 2022
Resolution number: 101/18