The Most Reverend Dr Peter Frederick Carnley AO

Movers Watson, P.

That the General synod offers its gratitude and best wishes to the Primate, the Most Reverend Dr Peter Carnley AO, as he and Mrs Ann Carnley prepare for their retirement in May 2005.

Dr Carnley was elected Primate in 2000. He has chaired the meetings of the General Synod, firstly in Brisbane in 2001, and now here in Perth, 2004. In addition he has regularly chaired meetings of the Standing Committee and its Executive.

As Primate, and so President of the General Synod we acknowledge his intelligent good humoured and courteous oversight of our meetings.

He has represented the Church in the forum of the Anglican Communion with distinction and the energetic application of his fine mind to the difficult issues that confront us. In those places he is recognised as a scholarly and articulate representative of the Australian Church.

Whilst there will be other occasions to offer expressions to Dr Carnley this is the last occasion where so many representatives of the National Church will be gathered together.

Accordingly we further acknowledge the leadership, teaching, scholarship and hospitality offered by Dr Carnley as Primate.

Peter Watson – 8 Oct 04

Resolution year: 2004
Resolution number: 69/04