Movers Cole, P

That General Synod

a.deplores the clear and flagrant breach of international law by the Russian government invading Ukraine and also the crimes against humanity and war crimes that have been and are being allegedly committed there
b. condemns the actions of President Vladimir Putin of Russia in initiating and continuing the war against the democratically elected government of Ukraine and the slaughter and dispossession of the people of Ukraine;
c. expresses its support and prayers for the people of Ukraine and the extraordinary suffering that they are experiencing in so many ways and assures them of the love and sympathy of this Church for them in their plight;
d. calls upon our Christian brothers and sisters of the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian Protestant Churches to use their voices and influence to oppose the continued deaths, destruction, displacement and dispossession of the people, the homes and the country of their neighbour, Ukraine and their fellow Christians; and
e. commends those priests and laity of the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian Protestant Churches who have called upon their Church leadership and the Russian state leadership to condemn and desist from this invasion and war.

The Rev’d Patrick Cole moving; Acting Justice Richard Refshauge seconding

Resolution year: 2022
Resolution number: 103/18