Viability and Structures Steering Group Report to General Synod

Movers Curnow, A

Bishop Andrew Curnow AM moving, Bishop John Stead seconding

The General Synod
1) Recognises that all growth will come through faithful, action trusting in God’s enlivening work;
2) Notes that the precise structural changes needed to fit the Anglican Church in Australia for the future are not yet known;
3) Notes the importance of children in the ministry of the Lord Jesus and requests each Diocese to construct a holistic ministry and mission plan for children and young people in conjunction with other Dioceses in their Province.
4) Requests Standing Committee to report to General Synod possible concrete structural changes that will aid the provision of ministry and the extension of mission across Australia noting particularly the role and requirements of Pioneer Ministry and theological formation for lay and ordained ministry;
5) Receives the report of the Viability and Structures Steering Group and endorses the recommendations contained in the report as follows:
• to help ensure we develop the visionary church leaders required by the future, Bishops (and, ideally, next generation Bishops) should be intentionally equipped and enabled through the establishment of a holistic continuing leadership development program.
• to improve the quality and consistency of knowledge and best practices across the Church, the apparatus should be established to facilitate collaboration, including the sharing and communication of ideas, resources and information.
• to enhance the missional effectiveness of the Church, each Diocese is requested to develop a Mission Action Plan, including timelines and resource requirements for implementation, and report back to the Standing Committee.
• because it is essential that necessary future change is constructively considered on a timely basis, the Bishops are asked to implement a process – to be endorsed at the first national Bishops’ meeting following General Synod – through which, on a regular basis, they would collectively assess any need for significant change and seek to agree how to effect the necessary change.
• to help ensure the implementation of the recommendations above, the Standing Committee should seek, receive, review and approve sensible resource and funding applications for each of these recommendations.
6) Asks the Standing Committee and the House of Bishops to review and facilitate the progress of implementation of these recommendations and present proposals, with actionable plans, to a meeting of Standing Committee in 2018.
6 September 2017

Resolution year: 2017
Resolution number: 47/17