Visit of ecumenical delegation to Middle East

Movers Newman, P.J.

That recognising

the need for the Israelis to have a secure homeland;

the need for Palestinian Arabs to have a secure homeland alongside Israel under a government of their own choice;

the need for Lebanon to be freed from the incursion and occupation of foreign troops;

the need for Jew and Arab alike to live in democratic equality within the State of Israel and especially in respect of land ownership;

This General Synod expresses its gratitude that the Australian Council of Churches has responded to an invitation from the Middle East Council of Churches to send a delegate to visit the Middle East in December of this year. It therefore asks the Anglican members of that delegation to seek to be informed on the whole range of complex issues referred to above, and to report these insights and priorities to the Standing Committee for the information of, and where appropriate, action by this Church.

(Archdeacon P.J. Newman, 31.8.85)

Resolution year: 1985
Resolution number: 78/85