Vote of Thanks

Movers Goodhew, R.H.

That Synod thank:

(1) The Officers of Synod:
The President of Synod: The Most Reverend Dr K Rayner: Chaplain to the Primate: The Reverend G.M. Tisdall: The Chairman of Committees: Mr D.J. Bleby, QC
Deputy Chairman of Committee: The Honourable Justice P.W. Young: The Clerical Secretary: The Reverend Canon B.J. Greaves: The Lay Secretary: Mr M.F. Horton: The Returning Officers: Mr J. Pocknall, Miss C. Hodge: The Chaplain of the Synod: The Reverend J.W. Stewart: The Media Officers drawn from several dioceses

(2) The Diocese of Melbourne:
The Archbishop and Mrs Rayner, The Dean and Cathedral Staff, Mrs J.M. Savage, The local arrangements Committee in Melbourne: Mr R.C. Fordham, Dr M.L. Porter, The Right Reverend J.A. Grant, The Reverend J.B. Minchin, The Camberwell Girls’ Grammar School who made the banners, The team of volunteers who provided the hospitality and display stalls.

(3) The Melbourne Grammar School:
The Headmaster, Mr P. Sheahan, and the Council: The Property Manager, Mr James Burton and his assistant Mr Peter Stafford and staff: The Catering Manager, Mr Jamie Brennan and staff: The Manager – Publications Department, Mr Dennis P. Beswick and staff: The twelve students who assisted with administrative duties: The Friends of Grammar and especially Ivy McEwan and Mrs Anne McCornish for the flowers: Konica for the donation of equipment

(4) The Media: for their courtesy, co-operation and interest.

(5) Our ecumenical representatives: for being with us.

(6) Honorary Synod Staff for the Synod:
Mr Bernard Yorke, Mrs Colleen Hodge, The Right Reverend Oliver Heyward, Primate’s Assistant, Mrs Angela Grutzner, seconded from the Diocese of Melbourne to be the General Synod Media Liaison Officer.

(7) The Staff of the General Synod Office:
Miss R. Roberts, Mrs S. Davey, Mr J. Pocknall, The Reverend Dr B.N. Kaye

[The Most Reverend R.H. Goodhew – 7-7-95]

Resolution year: 1995
Resolution number: 73/95