Votes of thanks

Movers Bishop of Bathurst Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn

(1) That Synod thanks:
(i) Bishop J.M. Allin, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America
(ii) Officers of the Synod –
The President of Synod – The Most Reverend M.L. Loane, K.B.E.
The Chairman of Committees – Mr J.F. Patrick
The Deputy Chairman of Committees – Bishop E.D. Cameron
The Clerical Secretary – The Reverend Canon K.W. Raff
The Lay Secretary – Mr M.F. Horton
The Returning Officers – Mr A.M. Cornish, Mr A. Stubbs
The Press Officer – Miss C.L. Rivers
(iii) The Diocese of Sydney – The Dean of Sydney for opening service of Synod
Sydney Diocesan Staff
The Colleges and other hosts and hostesses
(iv) The Sydney Church of England Grammar School
The Headmaster and Council
The Acting Chaplain – the Reverend R.E. Evans
The Staff, especially the Assistant Bursar, Mr J. Alexander
The School Caterers
The six Fifth Form boys who have assisted on the floor of the House
(v) The Media – for Press, Radio and Television coverage

(The Bishop of Bathurst, 28.8.81)

(2) The Synod thanks the General Secretary and his staff.

(The Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn, 28.8.81)

Resolution year: 1981
Resolution number: 64/81