Votes of Thanks

Movers Bishop of Newcastle Archbishop of Melbourne Archbishop of Sydney

(i) Officers of Synod

The Bishop of Newcastle moved a vote of thanks to the Chairman of Committees (Mr Justice A.R. Richardson), the Deputy Chairman of Committees (The Venerable H.J. Richards), the Secretary of the Standing Committee (The Right Reverend H.G.S. Begbie), the Secretaries and Deputy Secretary of Synod (The Venerable A.W. Harris, Mr W.L.J. Hutchison, and the Venerable R.H., Oldmeadow), the press, radio and television representatives.

(ii) The Diocese of Sydney

The Archbishop of Melbourne moved a vote of thanks to the Diocese of Sydney, the Archbishop of Sydney and the staff of Diocesan Church House and to our Hosts and Hostesses.

(iii) The President

The Archbishop of Sydney expressed the thanks of Synod to the President and moved

That this Synod places on records its grateful recognition of the untiring devotion of the Most Reverend the Primate as its President and assures him of its prayerful and affectionate remembrance as he enters on his final year of office.

Resolution year: 1969
Resolution number: 65/69