Women Bishops

Movers Porter, M.L.

That –

(1) General Synod notes the reports of the Doctrine Commission and the Canon Law Commission concerning
the consecration of women to the episcopate.

(2) Further, General Synod notes the undesirability of appointing a woman bishop until at least the next
General Synod after 1998.

(3) The Synod, recognising the significance of this issue for the ongoing unity and mission of the Church
commends the matter for further discussion with dioceses across Australia, requests the Standing Committee to prepare a draft bill and a discussion paper on the implications of such a proposal, together with practical ways of addressing those implications, including forms of alternative episcopal oversight, for circulation among the dioceses by December 1999.

[Dr M.L. Porter- 19-2-98]

Resolution year: 1998
Resolution number: 51/98