Youth Commission

Movers Bishop of Tasmania

That General Synod appoint a youth commission with the following functions:

(a) to serve, advise, and inform this Church in the fulfilment of its youth ministry;
(b) to consult with and respond to dioceses with regard to Youth Ministry;
(c) to liaise with international, national and ecumenical youth bodies and propose to the Standing Committee
of General Synod the names of people to represent this Church at such bodies and events;
(d) to advocate within this Church the needs, interests and concerns of its young people;
(e) to analyse and address the cultural root causes of the alienation of many young people in modern urban
society and its value systems.

that the Director or a nominee of GBRE will act as consultant; and
that the Youth Commission shall consist of 10 members appointed by the Primate after consultation with the Standing Committee.

(The Bishop of Tasmania – 10-7-92)

Resolution year: 1992
Resolution number: 58/92