Safe Ministry Audits

In September 2017, the General Synod passed the Safe Ministry to Children Canon 2017 which provides national standards in areas of church worker screening, selection and training, the adoption of a consistent code of conduct and risk management strategies for persons of concern. The Canon includes provisions for an external audit of performance against the national standards.

At December 2021, 21 of 23 dioceses of the ACA had adopted the Canon. The Diocese of Sydney has adopted the Canon but has not yet brought into effect. All dioceses which have adopted the Safe Ministry to Children Canon 2017 will be audited to measure compliance with the adoption of the code of conduct, screening requirements, training standards and benchmarks contained in the legislation. Section 12 of the Canon provides that the General Secretary shall appoint an independent person to undertake a General Synod audit and a diocesan audit of each diocese at intervals of three years or such lesser period as determined by the Standing Committee, and as soon as practicable after the completion of the audit, publish the report on the General Synod website.

Diocese of Adelaide SC2021/4/27
Diocese of Ballarat SC2021/4/27