Registrars Network


Diocesan Registrars or Secretaries are the senior adminstrative officers of Anglican Dioceses in Australia and New Zealand. Typically, they are lay people with previous management experience in business or the public service.

They normally fulfill for the following roles in their dioceses –

  • support the Bishop in his or her ministry;
  • manage and report on the financial affairs of the diocese;
  • manage a secretariat for the Synod of the Diocese and other bodies such as the Diocesan Council;
  • support parishes and diocesan organisations by providing central management and personnel services including insurance, superannuation etc.

Registrars from Anglican dioceses in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific normally meet in a joint conference every two years in Australia or New Zealand. During the intervening years the registrars hold separate national conferences. Such events are important occasions for members to discuss and address matters of common concern.