Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is a committee of the Standing Committee of General Synod.


Audit Committee membership is to comprise three persons, at least one of whom shall be a member of the Standing Committee of General Synod, but none shall be a member of the Executive Committee. At least one member of the Audit Committee shall have financial expertise and another shall have knowledge of the legal framework of the Anglican Church of Australia, in particular its national structures.


The current membership of Audit Committee is:

Mr Michael Codling – Chair
Mr Michael Blaxland
Mr Colin Johnston
Mr Douglas Marr
Mr Keith Stephens
Dr Robert Tong AM


Responsibilities of the Audit Committee should include appropriate procedures in respect of:

Compliance with legal and other responsibilities relating to financial disclosure;
Assessment of the adequacy of internal controls;
Identification and monitoring of “Corporate Risk” profile;
Liaison with the external auditors;
Review of information derived from the end of year Financial audit;
Review of interim financial information provided to the Standing Committee; and
Other matters delegated to the committee from time to time.

The Audit Committee meets at least twice per year, and may invite officers of the General Synod and the Standing Committee, and representation of the external auditors to attend its meetings.